CockpitWeb - Sim


Click here to download the CockpitWeb Sim

Please ignore any warnings. We guarantee that this file is NOT dangerous. You will get a warning because CockpitWeb is a small company and this new version has not been downloaded very often.

1) FacebookFollow CockpitWeb on Facebook and get info about updates.

2) Unzip the downloaded file.


You will probably get a warning from Windows because the developer (CockpitWeb) is marked as 'unknown', but don't worry: it is safe to open.

Choose the option to create a desktop shortcut.


4) Double click the “CockpitWeb Sim” desktop shortcut to run the Sim. Have fun!

The first time you run the Sim, your antivirus software will scan the program and will tell you it's safe to open. This takes about 15-60 sec.


The CockpitWeb Sim requires Windows. Version 6.1 is installed in the directory: C:\CockpitWeb\CockpitWeb Sim

A copy of the Airline Pilot Manual can be found here as well. Read chapter 2 if you need more information about the setup. (The part about REGISTERING is not required).

Running REGISTER is NOT required.




To UPDATE on the same computer:

First check if update is required: Click here:

Download and run SETUP. Do NOT run INSTALL or REGISTER!!!

The new program is installed in directory: C\CockpitWeb


To RE-INSTALL on a new computer:

Download and run SETUP.

INSTALL is now called REGISTER. After download, REGISTER can be found in the directory: C\CockpitWeb

Contact us for a new INSTALL CODE. Our email address and your authorization code can be found in our original email. We do not send new authorization codes! The INSTALL code is for personal use only.


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Enjoy the CockpitWeb Software!

The CockpitWeb Crew.

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