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CockpitWeb - Preflight preparation for pilots

Making a proper preflight preparation is an important part of flight safety!

Flight safety affects all pilots. Even recreational pilots must be aware of their responsibility and develop a professional attitude. By automating the calculation of a navigation log and a mass & balance, the flight preparation becomes easier, faster and there is less room for errors.
The preflight preparation consists of a navigation log, a mass & balance and a conversions program. Make your life easy, save time and … avoid mistakes!

The preflight preparation is included in the IFR Training Software!

Navigation log calculation software

Many recreational pilots become airborne without making a navigation log. They have no idea of the wind effect and fuel consumption nor do they have an alternate plan if the destination airport is closed or if en-route weather deteriorates. From time to time, emergency landings take place because the airplane ran out of fuel.

The navigation log programme provides a very easy, quick and safe way to automatically calculate the wind effect, flight time and fuel consumption. It’s also very handy to make last minute changes. If for example, after preparing the navigation log the wind has changed, the pilot can insert the new wind and immediately see the results. The navigation log can be saved and printed for use in flight.

Mass & balance calculation software

Too many accidents happen because the aircraft is not loaded within the limits of mass & balance. For some reason, a number of pilots never makes a mass & balance calculation, often because they think it’s too complicated or it takes too much time. This attitude jeopardizes their life and the life of others.

The mass & balance programme provides an easy way to automatically calculate the total mass of the aircraft and the centre of gravity position. It’s also very handy to reposition passengers and luggage or adjust the fuel and immediately see how the mass and centre of gravity move. It can be used for any type of airplane, single or multi-engine, that can carry up to 6 persons. It can be printed and saved.

Conversions calculation software

Whether you want to convert nautical miles into kilometers or pounds into kilograms. The program includes more than 90 2-way conversions (180 conversions).

For Minimum System Requirements: see F.A.Q.

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