"It's really great!"
Thomas D.

"I recommend the Cockpitweb IFR Training Software because it is devoted to IFR fundamentals and it does this very well, without any other trouble of piloting the aircraft. Furthermore it's a very light and quick launched software. The simulator itself is, of course, the best part of the program but the manual is very good too, in teaching or training oneself in IFR basics."
Gérard L.

"Excellent software."
Fred A.

"The Cockpitweb IFR Training Software is very useful for several reasons:
- For the future IR pilot he would be more familiar with the use of the NDB, VOR and ILS before beginning the simulator or flight phase of the IR course. It would avoid additional training and will allow the fastest move during the training phase and thus better 'economy' and a higher level.
- For an already IR qualified pilot the IFR Simulator is a wonderful, inexpensive tool which can be run on every PC (a must) and which is a procedure trainer allowing to maintain the skills (for the computations, timing and materialization). I have been flying a Locator approach with a Holding after several months without flying, the software has helped me to remain familiar with the needle management and to be less loaded when flying the approach."

Patrick D.

Cockpitweb - IFR Simulator 2.0: Reduce your flight training cost! - Make your flight training easier!- Become a better and safer pilot!

Reduce your flight training cost, make your flight training easier. Become a better and safer pilot!

Unlimited flight training for a very competitive price!

Thousands of pilots use this software for flight training, but also to maintain their flying skills and to prepare for airline interviews. Astonish your instructors and examiners!

- Flight International Magazine Aerospace Industry Awards 2005 finalist !
- "Impressive" PC Pilot Magazine, U.K.
- "An amazing product. The advantages of this product, created by and for pilots, are indisputable" Microsimulateur, France

The IFR Simulator is part of the IFR Training Software.


IFR Simulator Features:

- worldwide navigation database: to fly anywhere in the world.
- large, easy-to-scan instruments with adjustable instrument panel (HSI, RMI).
- a horizontal map with possibility to draw any holding.
- a vertical map showing ILS and outer marker.
- Autotrim.
- 3 different turbulence modes.
- convenient startposition panel:
to programme the aircraft's start position and save as many start positions as you want.
- programmed by airline pilots and flight instructors!

KORD: Chicago OHare.

The Worldwide Navigation Database includes more than 10,000 airports and 14,000 navaids and allows you to fly at your local airfield and exercise local procedures. You can print a list of all navaids in the vicinity of the airport to see the frequencies. You can even create your own VORs, NDBs and ILSs. Whether you want to fly a holding over JFK, fly an ILS at London Heathrow or a VORDME approach at your local airfield, just do it!

KJFK: New York JFK.

The zoomable Horizontal map shows the VORs, NDBs and ILSs, the aircraft's position and flight path as well as useful information like wind direction and wind speed, aeroplane drift, track and groundspeed.

"Un interface logiciel intuitive. L'exploitation du simulateur est très souple grâce notamment à la présence d'une interface cartographique de très bonne qualité superposable à la planche instrumentale. Il est possible de se créer un circuit d'attente orienté à votre discrétion sur n'importe quelle aide radionav." (Translation: "An intuitive software interface. The use of the simulator is very supple thanks to the presence of a map of very good quality superimposable on top of the instrument panel. It is possible to create a holding orientated at your discretion at any radioaid.") Microsimulateur, France.


Holding at Lambourne, U.K. Enlarge

Draw a holding at any navaid in any direction at any speed. You can fly as many holdings as you want. Whenever, wherever. The simulator is the ultimate flight training tool.

"Defining a holding pattern on the map is straightforward." PC Pilot Magazine, U.K.



The zoomable Vertical map shows the airplane's vertical profile and ILS glideslope as well as the locator outer marker. It is ideal to crosscheck precision and non-precision approaches!

The Autotrim makes flying easy and still realistic. It results in a very stable airplane allowing you to focus on learning instrument procedures instead of struggling to control the airplane. It's very easy to control the airplane using the keyboard or a cheap joystick. There is no need to buy an expensive steering wheel.

"The Cockpitweb IFR SImulator's simulated aircraft is engineered to be particularly stable. The aircraft performs like a Cessna 172SP. The authors have dubbed this stability feature 'Autotrim', stressing that it allows pilots to focus entirely on learning instrument and navigation procedures rather than struggling to control the aircraft itself. Pilots just starting instrument training and discovering the mental workload that's involved will find the autotrim a real bonus.The autotrim system does have the benefit of making the Cockpitweb IFR simulator truly flyable using a keyboard, something that isn't a rewarding experience with most sims." PC Pilot Magazine, U.K.

Turbulence mode: Do you like a challenge? Are you familiar with the instrument procedures? Is the autotrim too easy for you? Take the next step, set the turbulence mode to either light, moderate or severe and improve your flying skills!

The startposition panel offers full flexibility to put the airplane in any desired location and set the wind. Any startposition can be saved on hard disk for immediate recall next flight. Start flying where you want.

"Valuably, starting positions can be defined relative to an instrument approach's locator outer marker, or to a VOR, NDB or ILS transmitter. If you're new to the art of flying instrument approaches you can give yourself a head start by placing your aircraft precisely at the final approach fix and aligned with the final approach or localiser course." PC Pilot Magazine, U.K.

The full screen instruments are are easy to read and scan to allow precision flight. The simulator is easy to use so you can get started within a few minutes.

The simulator has an adjustable instrument panel that allows you to activate an HSI and RMI.

There is an option to put glideslope off to fly a localiser-only approach.

An optional joystick can be used. The joystick must be Windows compatible and configurable.

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