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21 powerful different Pilot Aptitude Tests in 1 program, randomly generating millions of different exercises: see list below.

Each test gives time and score. Note your progress. Improve your results by an impressive 200-500%.

Free access to a help-page with additional tips, trics and secrets to improve your aptitude test results.

There is only 1 way to pass aptitude tests: practice. Preparation is a must! Never attend an assessment without preparation!

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The Aptitude Software will prepare you for the toughest aptitude tests. Caution: Most tests are extremely difficult so don't be disappointed if your initial results are poor. Your results will improve soon so don't worry.

For each test, powerful algorithms generate random exercises so millions of exercises are available.
The Aptitude Software includes these 21 tests:


Screen Image


Difficulty level
* = easy
***** = most difficult

Radar screen / Movement

An aircraft gets 4 radar vectors away from an airport. Your task is to remember these 4 radar vectors. At the end of the exercise you must determine the location of the airport (the green square). This tough memory and accuracy test comes in 2 levels: it includes 4-direction vectors (N,E,S,W) and 8-direction vectors (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW,N).



Identify when a shape and its colour correspond with a reference shape and colour. The position of the reference shapes and reference colours change each test!



Fly an aircraft through frames. The Frames-test requires anticipation and full joystick inputs. (*).


Flight II

Fly an aircraft through frames. The Flight II-test requires very small control inputs and is easier than the Flight test. Developed on request of many customers!

The Flight-test and Flight II-test are often used to check student-pilots. These tests are very challenging as the frames move very fast! Improve your reaction speed and accuracy. (3 levels) (*).



A shape and colour is spoken (Example: "Red cross"). Different shapes and colours are then randomly shown on the screen. When you see the correct shape and colour, press a key and enter the number displayed inside the shape.




A series of numbers is spoken (Example: "678-674-670-666-..."). Note the difference between the numbers. Each time the difference changes ("...-663-660-657-...") you must press a key and remember the new difference.


Shapes and Numbers


This is THE ULTIMATE PILOT APTITUDE TEST(!) and the nightmare of any applicant. This test combines the 'Shapes' and 'Numbers' test and goes beyond the edge of your capacity. It tests how you react under a high workload. Initial scores of 50% are superb!



826 - 277

Determine whether a shown subtraction is correct or wrong.




Determine whether a puppet carries the suitcase in the left or right hand. The puppet can be standing up, upside down, turned left or right and facing forward or aft (8 different positions).


Square / Circle

A puppet holds a circle in one hand and a square in the other hand. You will hear a statement (example: "left square"). Determine whether this statement is true or not. The puppet can be standing up, upside down, turned left or right and facing forward or aft (8 different positions).


Triple Hands




3 puppets hold a square and a circle in their left or right hand. A statement is spoken. Determine how many pictures correspond with the spoken statement. Example: "positive right square" means: how many puppets hold a square in the right hand. A statement "negative right square" means: how many puppets hold a square in the left hand. The puppets can be standing up, upside down, turned left or right and facing forward or aft (8 different positions).


Friend or Foe

One aircraft (only one!) is randomly positioned on the screen. Determine whether the aircraft has long or short wings. If you don't decide within 2 seconds you fail the exercise. The next aircraft will be positioned at a completely different location on the screen (2 difficulty levels).


Opposite Control / Basket

Use a joystick with opposite control to put the white dot in the basket. The position of the dot and basket changes each time. (*)


Moving Cross

Use a joystick to keep a randomly moving cross centered. The more you deviate, the higher the penalty (3 levels). (**)
Move the joystick towards the centre of the screen to keep the cross centered (= normal X- and Y axis).


Moving Cross II

Use a joystick to keep a randomly moving cross centered. The more you deviate, the higher the penalty (3 levels). (**)
Move the joystick in the direction of the crossbar to keep the crossbar centered (= opposite X- and Y axis as the FTE Jerez test).


Moving Cross III

Use a joystick to keep a randomly moving cross centered. The more you deviate, the higher the penalty (3 levels). (**)
The X axis is controlled as in the 'moving cross' test and the Y axis as in the 'moving cross II' test.


Selective Concentration

You will hear either a 'bell' or a 'spring' sound. Then, you will see 2 columns of rapidly changing numbers or characters. If you have heard a 'bell' sound you must concentrate on the left column. If you have heard a 'spring' sound then you concentrate on the right column.
Press a key when you see a number in the correct column. The bell or spring will sound often, so you must regularly concentrate on different columns.
Extra difficulty: The 'bell' sound corresponds to the left column in one test but may correspond to the right column in the next test!


Numerical Series

A series of numbers appears below a horizontal line, example 87, 24, 71, .... The same series of numbers will appear above the line with a delay of 2 numbers. So, number 1 (87) will be shown above the line when number 3 (71) is shown below the line (see screen image on the left).
You must press a key when the number above the line is not included in the series. This is an extremely tough memory and concentration test that goes beyond your capacity!



You will see 2 circles. The circles can be yellow, red or black and the colors are changing rapidly. Furthermore you will regularly hear a bell. You must press a key when
you either see a red circle and a yellow circle together, or when you only see one yellow circle and simultaneously hear a bell.


Circling Dot

A dot moves along an invisible circle with a fixed interval. Press a key when the dot skips an interval. The real aptitude test takes 33 minutes !



Circles with different colors (white, green, purple, yellow, red and blue) are shown on the screen. You must click on the button with the corresponding color. You may also hear a bell or a spring sound. Then you must click on the corresponding button. Furthermore the black L or R panel may turn white. You should not click on these panels, but you must press either the left or right cursor key. A test at very high speed!


(*) - (**) = Tests indicated with (*) require an optional joystick. For tests indicated with (**) a joystick is recommended but not required. The joystick must be Windows-compatible.

The goal of each test is to be as quick as possible and as accurate as possible. During the test you can note your progress.

All tests are timed. At the end of each test your score and the time are shown. Both accuracy and speed are important. Note your progress and improve your results by 200-500%!



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