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- ATPL database with more than 6800 multiple choice questions.
- Divided in 14 courses.
- Learn mode to easily scroll through the questions.
- Hundreds of trial exams included to test your progress.
- All questions can be printed for easy studying.
- Developed by airline pilots.

Cockpitweb has developed a very powerful Airline Pilot Training Software program to help you pass the ATPL theoretical exams. It's an interactive program to study the ATPL theory. The program also tests whether you are ready for the EASA ATPL exams.

14 ATPL-courses: 6800 ATPL-questions.

The programme consists of all 14 courses and contains over 6800 questions! All EASA courses are included:
10) Air law and ATC Procedures
21) Airframe and systems, Electrics, Powerplant and Emergency Equipment
22) Instrumentation
31) Mass and Balance
32) Performance of aeroplanes
33) Flight planning and Monitoring
40) Human Performance and Limitations
50) Meteorology
61) General Navigation
62) Radio Navigation
70) Operational Procedures
80) Principles of Flight
91) VFR Communication
92) IFR Communication.

Answer the questions or scroll.

Each course is divided into several chapters. You can practice each chapter separately.

Using the programme is straightforward: Select a course, then select a chapter and the first question is shown. Then you either scroll through the exercises using the 'forward' and 'rewind' buttons ([<<] [<] [>] [>>]) or answer the question (A, B, C, D). If you give the wrong answer, the programme will show the correct answer. The programme automatically takes care of the score.

Try the exams.

Each of the 14 courses contains an unlimited number of exams, randomly generated by the programme. This software programme will get you ready to pass the ATPL-exams! When the exam is finished, the result is automatically saved on hard disk. The programme shows the results of the last 10 exams of each course (140 exams).

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